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Beyond Organic + Eco-Friendly + Non-toxic + Sustainable + Ancient.

Hi My name is Daria and I am an esthetician and practitioner of Ayurvedic and holistic body care. I was introduced to the ayurvedic method of preparing herbal oils while taking a beauty course in India, which inspired me to make my own beyond organic skin care line.

Daria's Apothecary is a line of natural beauty and body care products that are produced in small batches. I strive to make my products affordable, have as many ingredients as possible sourced from local farms and always grown organically and/or biodynamically. I have everything packaged in UV resistant & recyclable material, designed with beauty & love & good intentions for people and the earth.

My approach to business is to bring transparency and authenticity to our customers about where our intentions lie. I care about the sustainable and ethical practices behind my ingredients. I believe taking care of our body is the pathway to feeling good, confident, healthy and vibrant.

I take into consideration both the physical and energetic nature of what we consume and what we produce. I believe that beyond offering personal care products, I am giving people an opportunity to connect to ancient ways of being and support the fertility of our planet.

I believe and want to promote the idea that we can nurture ourselves and our loved ones the best when we are in harmony with the elements of our dear earth.

I want to touch the hearts of as many people as I can – so others can find their truth and be empowered to move according to that personal truth they have discovered. To feel beautiful and confident, no matter what nationality, gender, skin color, etc. To care for the soil, water and air so future generations can live better than us and life can continue to thrive.

I want to plant a seed of inspiration in all these ways to create a better life for all.

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