50 ml /1.7 fl. oz.


This facial cleansing oil is unlike any facial treatment you have tried. So many face oils require the use of a hot towel, causing a mess and a long process – especially at the end of a day. I have formulated an anti-aging facial oil emulsion which foams and rinses off oil-free. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and provides redness relief.


We start with our ingredients – many of our herbs and oils are grown and produced on a biodynamic farm (certified Demeter) and grown with intense care and attention to quality. Biodynamics is one of the most holistic and sustainable approaches to growing on Earth, and Demeter is the highest standard beyond the Organic label. For ingredients not certified Demeter, we always source as local, fair-trade, wild-harvested and organic as possible. We then use an Ayurvedic-Inspired process to slowly extract the benefits and potency of the herbs used with our base oil, stirring the whole way through. We take our infused oil and add in a few extra key components plus our selected blend of therapeutic grade essential oils. This then gets packaged into miron purple glass, which provides the highest possible level of UV protection available. Since everything is handmade, we are able to provide a truly sustainable, affordable and beyond organic product produced with the upmost attention and care.

Cleansing Oil Emulsion

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  • Olive Oil*, Jojoba Oil**, Castor Oil**, Sweet Almond Oil**, Sesame Oil**, Argan Oil**, Calendula*, Chamomile*, Yarrow*, Red Clover*, Lavender Essential Oil**, Grapefruit Essential Oil**, Lemongrass Essential Oil**, Bergamot Essential Oil**, Mellissa Essential Oil**, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil**, Glyceryl Cocate, Non-GMO Vitamin E *Biodynamic **Organic